NSFW. I want to show the beautiful varieties of vulvas (pussies) in the world. I am looking for submissions of vulvas of all shapes, colors, sizes, hairy, trimmed, shaved, wet or not.

All submissions should be from women of the age of 18 and older. Submit through tumbler or send them to:

Indicate if you want to remain anonymous. Provide some or all of the following info if you like.

- Age
- How you like to keep you pubic hair?
- Do you like give or receive oral?
- What you like or do not like about your vagina
- How often do you masturbate? With what? (fingers, toys, etc.) How?
- Have you ever been nude in public or flashed anyone?
- What is your sexual fantasy?
- What is your favorite sexual activity?
- Your profile link

Although the main theme for this tumblr is the vulva I will also accept other beautiful female body parts.

Submissions that I consider too blurry or unacceptable, will not be posted.

I do not claim copyright ownership of any of the submissions or postings.
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Yes, absolutely.  Submit more :)

do you like my pussy?

Sweet & smooth :)

Sexyyyyyy  ladyyyyyyyy ;)  Love the angle and view.  Yummy!!!

I’m 19. I’m shaved. I like to receive oral. 

Sharon, Sharon, Sharon….bring it on.  I’d love to see more ;)  Show me more!!!

Hi, I’m Sharon, 30, and this is my vulva. This photo was taken by my boyfriend at my request just before starting foreplay. I have other photos I’m willing to submit if you’re interested from further into the lovemaking session. 

As you can see, I have my pubic hair. It isn’t very long and dense and I don’t have to trim it often. I don’t shave or wax it because I find it uncomfortable. 

My current boyfriend is my first lover who has ever given me oral sex and I LOVE IT. I never even knew what a joy it was to be eaten out. I used to be shy about my vulva, especially my long crinkly labia, before he taught me to love it and take pleasure in it.

I used to masturbate before. With my current boyfriend I have sex almost every day and so I no longer feel the need to masturbate. When I used to masturbate I used a dildo.

My favourite sexual activity is getting fucked (on my back, hips at the edge of the bed, he standing between my legs and leaning over so he can kiss my boobs). The second is oral. I generally orgasm with him at least eight to ten times per session, and often more.

Let me know if you’d want me to submit the more…explicit…photos. I frankly find it exciting to show this most intimate part of me to the world.

The more the better.  Need a few more for a pussy pyramid.  Nice pussies, ladies!  ;D

Spread it :)

Hmmmm, what a delicious looking pussy ;)

I would love for a man to lick my pussy. It’s so tight and needs to be loved by a big cock. 

Hmmmm, what a delicious looking pussy ;)

I would love for a man to lick my pussy. It’s so tight and needs to be loved by a big cock. 

Oh yes ;)


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