NSFW. I want to show the beautiful varieties of vulvas (pussies) in the world. I am looking for submissions of vulvas of all shapes, colors, sizes, hairy, trimmed, shaved, wet or not.

All submissions should be from women of the age of 18 and older. Submit through tumbler or send them to:

Indicate if you want to remain anonymous. Provide some or all of the following info if you like.

- Age
- How you like to keep you pubic hair?
- Do you like give or receive oral?
- What you like or do not like about your vagina
- How often do you masturbate? With what? (fingers, toys, etc.) How?
- Have you ever been nude in public or flashed anyone?
- What is your sexual fantasy?
- What is your favorite sexual activity?
- Your profile link

Although the main theme for this tumblr is the vulva I will also accept other beautiful female body parts.

Submissions that I consider too blurry or unacceptable, will not be posted.

I do not claim copyright ownership of any of the submissions or postings.


look at my tentacles


This morning’s creampie


come on! this cunt isn’t going to eat itself. reblog if you want a taste, or to fuck me. Im so fucking horny right now

I love your lips and ass, so smooth and pretty.  Nice beauty mark too ;)  Please send more pics.  Absolutely yummy :D

- I’m 23 years old from London and always keep my pussy shaved.
- I’ve never really felt confident about my vagina because of the things I’ve heard some men say about them in general and even my sister has laughed at me with her friends, just because I have longer lips than they all do.
- What I do like about my vagina however is the little beauty spot :)
Thanks for your blog, I think it’s great. I’m the road to becoming more confident xx